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Bench Top Lathe - OPTIturn TU 2506V

*Photo shown with optional stand


Leading screw lathes with feed gear for the demanding user. TU 2506V with brushless motor for step-less speed control

  • Precise processing
  • Powerful, maintenance-free engine
  • Heavily ribbed prism bed made of gray cast iron inductively hardened and precision ground
  • Hardened and ground Z-axis guideway
  • Guaranteed concentricity of the spindle nose better than 0.009 mm
  • Automatic longitudinal/lead screw drive
  • Rolled trapezoid spindles
  • Chip protection on the upper slide
  • Upper slide on cross slide slidable
  • Lead screw for thread cutting or automatic longitudinal turning
  • Quadruple tool holder
  • All guides can be adjusted by wedge strips
  • Concentricity on the lathe chuck better than 0.04 mm
  • Right / left rotation in the control panel switchable
  • Hardened main spindle mounted in adjustable precision tapered roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings in P5 quality
  • Hardened spindle nose with Ø 26 mm spindle bore
  • Tailstock for taper turning ± 5 mm adjustable
  • Tailstock quill and handwheel with adjustable fine-scale 0.02 mm
  • Quick, easy, and tool-free adjustment of the tailstock by means of a clamping lever
  • Leadscrew stored in two sintered bearings
  • Handwheels on the carriage with adjustable fine-scale 0.04 / 0.01 mm
  • thrust bearing
  • Emergency stop impact switch
  • 3-jaw lathe chuck in the standard scope of delivery
  • Toothed sprocket set in the standard scope of delivery for thread cutting
  • Fully equipped, allowing the user to be productive immediately after commissioning

TU 2506V

  • Quiet, powerful, and brushless DC drive with excellent control characteristics
  • High precision steel lining for higher speeds
  • Speed change is easily adjustable via a potentiometer
  • Digital speed display
  •  Three-jaw lathe chuck Ø 125 mm, centrically exciting
  •  Fixed centre point MT 2 and MT 4
  •  bulkhead
  •  chip pan
  •  HSS lathe tool
  •  Quadruple tool holder
  •  Change gear set

Technical Specifications

Connection 230 V / 1 Ph ~50 Hz
Driving motor spindle 1,5 kW
Spindle taper MT 4
Spindle bore 26mm
Spindle seat Short taper
Quadruple tool holder Height max. 13 mm
Centre height 125 mm
Centre width 550 mm
Turning Ø over the lathe bed 250 mm
Bed width 135 mm
Spindle speed 30 – 4,000 min-1
Number of steps 4 steps, electrically adjustable speed
Travel top slide 70 mm
Travel cross slide 110 mm
Longitudinal feed in the range of 0.07 – 0.4 mm/U
Pitch – Metric in the range of 0.2 – 4 mm/U
Pitch – Inch in the range of 56 – 8 Gg/1
Tailstock seat MT 2
Tailstock – sleeve travel 65 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,250 x 650 x 420 mm
Net weight 125 kg
EMV-Class C3
Standard DIN EN 55011
€4.150,00 incl. Vat
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