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RBM 2050-30 E Pro


  • Motorized round bending machines in heavy design for sheet thicknesses up to 5 mm
  • heavy steel welded construction
  • Upper and pinch roller driven
  • swing-out top roller
  • Manual feed of the clamp and side roller
  • Roller drive via powerful electric motor and gearbox
  • Wire grooves on the pinch roller
  • Safety device Emergency line
  • with mobile control panel and foot pedal

Room amenities:

  • Swivel top roller
  • Control panel with digital display and manual operation (option)
  • RBM 2050-30 E PRO with optional side roller motorized delivery and side view digital display
  • Note: machine can not be retrofitted with accessories, only when ordering new machine
  • Note: Please specify when ordering material to be processed!
  • Note: Other models on request

Technical Specifications

Bending width max. 2050 mm
Bending capacity max. – Material tensile strength 400N / mm² 3.0 mm
Conical bending power max. – Material tensile strength 400N / mm² 1.5 mm
Bending capacity max. – VA steel 2.25 mm
Conical bending power max. – VA steel 1.1 mm
Bending capacity max. – Aluminum 3.6 mm
Conical bending power max. – Aluminum 1.8 mm
Diameter upper rollers 130 mm
Bending diameter min. 195 mm
rolling speed 3.5 m / min
mains voltage 400V
power frequency 50 Hz
engine power 2.2 kW
Dimensions (length x width x height) 3200 x 750 x 1000 mm
mass 1500 kg