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3-13mm Drill Grinding Machine - GQ-D13

  •  Easy operation for cost-effective grinding of double-edged twist drills
  •  Drill loops with no previous knowledge - clean, fast and precise
  •  Easy to transport
  •  Easy replacement of the grinding wheel
  •  Sharpening forced action and therefore easy to use
  •  Automatic grinding of the tip geometry thanks to the cam
  •  Robust plastic housing with non-slip feet
  •  Diamond grinding stone with long life for a perfect finish

In three steps to the ground drill
  •  Adjust drill bit - Twist drill is aligned in the overhang length and in the correct angle
  •  Regrind the drill - by turning it from one stop to the other
  •  Tooth drill - Also by slightly turning from stop to stop


Speed 4200min¯¹ Grinding disc external diameter 78mm
Grinding capacity drill diameter 3 – 13mm    
Length (product) 
220mm Width/depth (product) approx. 200mm
Height (product) approx. 160mm Net weight approx. 2.5kg
Drive motor output 0.08kW Supply voltage 230V
Mains frequency 50 Hz    


  •  Diamond grinding wheel
  •  Collet holder
€88,00 incl. Vat €92,00 incl. Vat
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