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Motorised Section Rolls - Metallkraft PRM 40 FH


  •  Heavy cast construction
  •  hardened bending rolls
  •  Shafts made of special steel, hardened and ground
  •  Lateral straightening rollers, infinitely adjustable
  •  All 3 rollers driven by gear
  •  Horizontal and vertical working position
  •  Suitable for very small bending diameters
  •  Suitable for very small bending diameters due to orbital deliverable lower rollers
  •  mobile control panel with two digital displays for the feed rollers
  •  Straightening rolls are suitable for bending angle iron as standard

Optional accessories
  •  Tube bending rolls
  •  Angle bending rolls
  •  Special straightening rollers
  •  Profile bending rolls
  •  Plastic rollers for soft materials
  •  Device for twisting rods
  •  Spiral bending tool
  • 1.1kW 400V Motor

Bending Performances Standard Rollers  (yield point 24 kg/mm²)

Box   - 18mm  /  Min Bending Ø - 250mm

Flat Material Light - 50 x 12mm / Min Bending Ø 400mm

Flat Material Heavy - 35 x 8mm /  Min Bending Ø 300mm

UPN profile top rib  - 35 x 5mm  /  Min Bending Ø 400mm

UPN profile outside rib - 30 x 5mm

T profile outside rib min. bending Ø  - 300mm  


 The performance data apply to material with a max. Yield strength of 24kg / mm². Bending power at VA: factor 0.7


  •  Standard bending rolls
  •  Digital displays for feed rollers
  •  mobile control panel
  •  straightening rollers
  •  substructure