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Motorised Metal Shears - MTBS 1255-40E


  • Motorised sheet metal shears
  • Suitable for cutting metals and other materials
  • Heavy, stress-free welded steel construction
  • High-quality cutting knife
  • Two long support arms for large workpieces
  • Cutline lighting and long holes in the upper cover plate for an optimal view of the cutting edge for cutting on scratches
  • Manual back gauge 600 mm with millimetre precision adjustment
  • Photocell for the back gauge area
  • By the foot control, both hands remain free for the material supply

Technical Specifications

Electrical connection 400V ~ 3Ph 50Hz
working width 1250 mm
Cutting capacity max. – 400N / mm² (Mild Steel) 4 mm
Cutting capacity max. – 700N / mm² (Stainless) 2 mm
cutting angle 2.4 degrees
back gauge 630 mm
Cuts per min 30
Motor power 4,0 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 1712 x 1605 x 1190 mm
Weight approx. 1185 kg
Sheet metal low number 2 hours

  •  Sheet support arms
  •  side stop
  •  Manual backgauge
  •  foot operation