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MTBS 1350-30 T


Motorized sheet metal shears with NC-controlled back gauge

  • Thin sheets are supported in order to be able to apply dimensionally to the back gauge
  • the pneumatic sheet holding device with selector lever for the direction of the sheet metal chute
  • The operator can choose if the section falls into the backroom or the operator side
  • Powerful drive via gearbox-supported motor and massive chain
  • Backs can be guided on round shafts 750 mm driven by ball screws
  • Positioning control of back gauge Mapper HT071 with digital dimension display
  • heavy and robust steel construction in welded construction
  • constant, low cutting angle for optimum cutting results
  • Control panel on the left side of the machine Side stop 1.000 mm with scale and T-slot
  • 2 material support arms 500 mm with T-slot
  • Balls in the support table for easier material transport
  • Cutting gap adjustment with a ratchet wrench and vernier ring
  • high-quality knife (also suitable for stainless steel)
  • Cutting edge LED lighting with silhouette
  • Rear room safety with side plates and light barrier
  • continuous finger protection device
  • mobile foot pedal with EMERGENCY STOP switch
  • All moving parts are stored with low maintenance
  • Electrics from “Siemens” and “Schneider”

Optional accessories:

  • Extension of the back gauge from 750 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Miter fence Adjustable, removable miter fence for angles from 0 ° -180 °
  • Manual central lubrication

  • Mobile sheet metal tray: Mobile tray for the rear space of the machine. Maximum load 300 kg

Technical specifications

Length (product) approx. 2070 mm
Width / depth (product) approx. 2120 mm
Height (product) approx. 1110 mm
Weight (net) approx. 1190 kg
Recording power drive motor 3.5 kW
Output power drive motor 3 kW
Total connection value 4 kW
Total current consumption 7.82 A
Nominal mode drive motor S1
Duty cycle drive motor 100%
Electrical voltage 400V
Phase (s) 3
Current Type ~
power frequency 50 Hz
Cutting length max. 1350 mm
Cutting performance at material tensile strength 400 N / mm² 3 mm
Cutting performance at material tensile strength 450 N / mm² 3 mm
Cutting performance at material tensile strength 700 N / mm² 1.5 mm
cutting speed 80 m / min
Backgauge adjustment range up to 750 mm
Backgauge speed 28 mm / s
Engine power backgauge 0.37 kW
Side stop length 1000 mm
cutting angle
Strokes max. at full cutting length 40 1 / min
Sheet metal low number 2
Cutting gap adjustment min. 0.05 mm
Cutting gap adjustment max. 0.4 mm
Table length 1507 mm
Table depth 420 mm
Table height 800 mm
Deep machine body 680 mm