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MTBS 1540-40 B


Motorized guillotine shears with heavy, robust welded construction with NC controlled back gauge

  • Slotted top bar with adjustable flat guides
  • Motorized, NC-controlled back gauge with 750 mm travel range
  • Backgauge drive with frequency converter, brake motor, and ball screws
  • LED cut line lighting and long holes in top cover for an optimal view of the cutting edge for cutting on scratches
  • Transfer balls in the support table for comfortable material handling
  • Massive 90 ° side stop with 1000 mm length, T-slot, tilting cam, and scale
  • Two massive sheet metal support arms with T-slots and tilt cams
  • High-quality, rotating knives, suitable for cutting stainless steel
  • Heavy hold-down beam with gentle rubber inserts
  • Rear room secured by the light curtain
  • Operation via mobile foot pedal console with emergency stop

Domestic equipment:

  • Manual kerf adjustment
  • Cutline lighting and viewing slots
  • Side stop 90 °, 1000 mm

Technical specifications

cutting length 1540 mm
Cutting capacity at 400 N / mm² 4.0 mm
Cutting capacity at 700 N / mm² 2.5 mm
back gauge 750 mm
cutting angle
Cuts per min 40
drive power 5.5 kW
Electrical connection 400V
Current Type ~
power frequency 50 Hz
Length approx. 2170 mm
Depth approx. 2160 mm
Height approx. 1280 mm
Weight approx. 2200 kg