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Millennium Machinery is a leading online retailer of machinery and equipment in Ireland. We offer a wide range of turning accessories at competitive prices. Our team of experts is always on hand to help you choose the right product for your needs, and we provide fast and reliable delivery throughout Ireland.
Spare packs of Inserts for all Lathe Tooling available on request. 


MT2 Live Centre

€54,00 incl. Vat

MT3 Live Centre

€60,00 incl. Vat

MT4 Live Centre

€70,00 incl. Vat

MT5 Live Centre

€89,79 incl. Vat

Lathe Boring Bar Set - 3 Piece

From €83,64 - €89,79 incl. Vat

Morse Taper Sleeves

From €12,90 - €20,90 incl. Vat

Precision Dial Gauge

€30,00 incl. Vat
€32,00 incl. Vat

Precision Magnetic Measuring Stand

€30,00 incl. Vat
€35,00 incl. Vat