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Milling Accessories

A wide range of milling machine accessories available to buy from our online store. Whether you are looking for mill vices, drill chucks, parallel sets, collet sets, end mill sets, clamp kits and more, we have got you covered. 

You can also use our search bar to find specific products. Once you've found the product you're looking for, simply add it to your basket and proceed to checkout.

Millennium Machinery is your go-to supplier in Ireland, offering the widest selection of milling accessories to meet all your milling needs.



Extension sleeve

From €29,50 - €44,30 incl. Vat

Parallel Shim Set

€205,41 incl. Vat

ISO 40 Copy and Face Mill

€395,00 incl. Vat

Morse Taper Sleeves

From €12,90 - €20,90 incl. Vat

Edge Finder

€14,63 incl. Vat

Precision Dial Gauge

€30,00 incl. Vat
€32,00 incl. Vat

Precision Magnetic Measuring Stand

€30,00 incl. Vat
€35,00 incl. Vat

Soluble Oil - Bandsaw Cutting Fluid

From €35,00 - €125,00 incl. Vat

Coolant Pump MF2/4 / RD4/5/6

€158,67 incl. Vat
€180,00 incl. Vat

Coolant hoses with magnetic base KMS 2

€70,11 incl. Vat
€77,00 incl. Vat

Coolant hoses set 1/2''_v2

€11,68 incl. Vat
€12,95 incl. Vat

Coolant hoses set 1/4''_v2

€11,44 incl. Vat
€12,50 incl. Vat

Coolant hoses set 1/4''_v1

€6,40 incl. Vat
€7,25 incl. Vat