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ISO 40 Copy and Face Mill

  •  Copy and face cutter head "Made in Germany"
  •  Univ. Insert, for processing on all steel and non-ferrous metals
  •  For plan and copy milling
  •  Made of special steel - highly tempered
  •  High concentricity and concentricity
  •  Milling body with uneven pitch for particularly smooth running and even cutting
  •  Body and clamping stem form one unit, thus short overhang length and stable tension
  •  No additional cutter cotter pin is used
  •  Special geometry for milling at high speed
  •  Economical, as with a blunt cutting edge, the plate can be simply further rotated (up to 12 times usable)
  •  Including 5 inserts RDET 1003 MOSN 8026
  •  Including Torx TX15
  •  5 cutting
  •  Indexable inserts Ø 10 mm
  •  Outer diameter 63 mm
  •  ISO designation RDX. 1003 D63 / R5
€395,00 incl. Vat
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