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Manual Bandsaws

Looking for a dependable and affordable manual bandsaw in Ireland? Look no further than Millennium Machinery!

Here's why we're your one-stop shop for premium manual bandsaws:

  • Unmatched Quality & Performance: We've been trusted suppliers of Optimum & Metallkraft Bandsaws for over 25 years. Their reputation for exceptional quality and optimal performance is unmatched.
  • Experience You Can Trust: With decades of experience, we can provide expert advice and ensure you find the perfect bandsaw for your needs.
  • Variety for Every Project: Choose from gravity feed or pull-down operation models, and many feature swivel heads for versatile miter cuts.

Millennium Machinery - Invest in a manual bandsaw that delivers exceptional results, project after project.



MTS 356 Metal Dry Cutter

€575,00 incl. Vat
€720,00 incl. Vat

Portable Bandsaw - Optimum OPTIsaw S 100G (230v)

€1.100,85 incl. Vat
€1.210,00 incl. Vat

6" Swivel Head Bandsaw - Optimum OPTIsaw S 131GH (230v)

€1.345,00 incl. Vat
€1.494,45 incl. Vat

10" Swivel Bandsaw - Optimum OPTIsaw S 275NV (230v)

€3.259,50 incl. Vat
€3.431,70 incl. Vat

12" Double Mitre Bandsaw - Optimum OPTIsaw S 300DG (230v)

€5.166,00 incl. Vat
€5.816,67 incl. Vat