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Metal Bandsaw Blade 2750 x 27 x 0.9 mm, 10-14 TPI

General information about bi-metal saw bands:

The starting material of these bi-metal saw bands is a two-component material (bi-metal) obtained by electron welding. The band made of this material has a high-hardening, wear-resistant high-performance high-speed steel in the teeth, while the band body made of alloyed tempered steel is spring-hard and fatigue-proof.


  • Saw bands suitable for processing:
  • HSS Bi-Metal M42 Made in Germany
  • Structural steel
  • Deep drawing steel
  • cutting steel
  • tempering steel
  • hardened steel
  • Thick-walled pipe
  • Solid material round steel
  • Cast iron
  • pipe
€31,25 incl. Vat
2750x27x0.9mm,10-14TPI / 33577544
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