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Drill Grinder 3-30mm - OPTIgrind GH 15 T


  • The handy drill grinder – perfect to grind spiral drills made of HSS or hard metal
  • Easy operation for precise and cost-efficient grinding of two-edged spiral drills
  • Drill bit grinding without previous knowledge – neatly, rapidly, and well
  • Easy to transport
  • Diamond grinding stone with long durability for perfect grinding
  • Complete equipment with ER collet chucks in the interior of the machine
  • The edges of the drill bit are fixed in the collet holder by means of the adjustment aid in a defined position and inserted in the grinding openings in a predetermined sequence in order to grind the edges
    with short rotating movements of the collet holder

Technical Specifications

Electric tension 230 V
Phase 1 Ph
Type of current ~
mains frequency 50 Hz
Motor power 450 W
Speed infinitely variable 5000 min-1
Angle of the tip sharpening 90 to 145 degree
Grinding capacity drill 3-30mm
Dimensions L x W x H 450 x 240 x 270 mm
Net weight 33 kg