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Turret Mill - OPTImill MF 2-B


  • Solid design made of high-quality meehanite casting
  • High concentricity due to tapered roller bearing, measured smaller than 0.01 mm in the quill
  • Mechanical stepless speed control
  • Right / left rotation for thread cutting
  • X- and Z-axis with adjustable 55° dovetail guide
  • Y-axis with flat guide
  • Drilling-milling head tiltable vertically ± 45°
  • Swivel range horizontally ± 90°
  • Coolant system
  • Automatic quill feed, 3-stage 0.04 - 0.15 mm/rev
  • Motor feed in the X, Y and Z axes
  • Precision micro feed
  • Milling spindle with precision bearing
  • Mechanical spindle brake
  • Drilling depth scale and stroke
  • Cross table with T-slots and coolant channel
  • Central lubrication
  • Height-adjustable protective screen with micro-switch, against flying chips and parts, for maximum protection of the user
  • Massive and large-dimensioned XY stage, precisely surface-finished with T-slots

    Technical Specifications

    length 2,000 mm
    Width depth 1,600 mm
    height 2,010 mm
    Weight (net) 1,000 kg
    Total connected value 3 kW
    Supply voltage 400V
    Phase (s) 3 Ph
    Current Type ~
    power frequency 50 Hz
    Knife head size max. 76 mm
    End mill size max. 25 mm
    Vertical spindle projection 15-415 mm
    Vertical spindle Spindle mount ISO 40 DIN 2080
    Vertical spindle speed range 60 – 4,200 min-1
    Vertical spindle Number of speed ranges 2
    Vertical spindle Control of the speed control mechanically stepless
    Horizontal milling length 230 mm
    Horizontal milling width 1,246 mm
    Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling table max. 405 mm
    Horizontal milling T-slots size 16 mm
    Horizontal milling T-slots number 3
    Horizontal milling T-slots clearance 63 mm
    Horizontal milling load max. 200 kg
    Vertical spindle Power Drive motor Normal operation 2.2 kW
    Traverse X-axis manually 690 mm
    Travel Y-axis manually 310 mm
    Travel Z-axis manually 390 mm
    Traverse X-axis automatically 610 mm
    Traverse Y-axis automatically 230 mm
    Traverse Z-axis automatically 310 mm
    Drilling capacity steel (S235JR) 24 mm
    Continuous drilling capacity steel (S235JR) 20 mm
    Vertical spindle Turning area milling head X – Y plane 90 degrees
    Vertical spindle Turning area milling head Z – X plane 45 degrees
    Vertical spindle Pinole diameter 86 mm
    Vertical spindle Quill stroke 127 mm
    Vertical spindle quill feed 0.04 / 0.08 / 0.15 mm / rev
    Vertical spindle Milling head Travel Z-axis 312 mm