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Optisaw SD 351AV


  • Heavy industrial version
  • Quiet running
  • Manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Steplessly adjustable saw blade speed from 0-80 m/min.
  • High cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running
  • Migration adjustment up to 60° by swiveling the entire saw bow
  • Serially equipped with a high-quality bi-metal saw band
  • End stops adjustable down to the degree
  • Swarf brush
  • Microswitch for automatic limit switch
  • Roller support adjustable for long and heavy workpieces
  • Coolant pump
  • Ball-bearing mounted Saw blade guide with carbide plates for optimum cutting results
  • Easy adjustment of the lowering speed by means of the feed control valve in the control panel
  • Large dimensioned, hydraulic quick-clamping vice, self-closing, adjustable for large cross-sections
  • Completely equipped machine; The user can work productively immediately after commissioning
  • EMV class C2
  • 2-channel safety chain with a quick stop in case of emergency
  • Converter Siemens Sinamics G110M

Function semi-automatic operation

  • closing the vice and activating the motor
  • lowering the saw bow for cutting
  • stopping the motor and returning the saw bow to the starting position


Dimensions and weights
Length (product) approx. 1935mm Height (product) approx. 1626mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 1075mm Net weight approx. 600kg
Electric Data
Drive motor output 2.2kW Mains frequency 50Hz
Supply voltage 400V Hydraulic pump motor output 1,4kW
Phase(s) 3Ph Coolant pump motor output 50W
Current type AC Total rated value 3.8kW
Machine data
Saw band speed(s) 15 – 100m/min Saw band thickness 0.9mm
Gears infinitely adjustable Cutting angle -45 – +60°
Saw band length 2925mm Manual operations hydraulic via push button
Saw bandwidth 27mm Semi-automatic operation automatic
Cutting ranges
Clamping range 0° round (full material) 270mm Clamping range +45° round (full material) 230mm
Clamping range 0° quadratic (full material) 230mm Clamping range +45° quadratic (full material) 200mm
Clamping range 0° rectangle upright (full material) 230 x 350mm Clamping range +45° rectangle upright (full material) 210 x 220mm
Clamping range -45° round (full material) 230mm Clamping range +60° round (full material) 140mm
Clamping range -45° quadratic (full material) 170mm Clamping range +60° quadratic (full material) 140mm
Clamping range -45° rectangle upright (full material) 140 x 200mm Clamping range +60° rectangle upright (full material) 140 x 220mm