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Portable Pull Down Bandsaw - OPTIsaw SP 11V (230v)

  • Standard with high-quality bi-metal saw band
  • Adjustable material stop for serial work
  • Pushbutton for the saw blade running switches the run of the saw blade on and off
  • Base plate with non-slip feet
  • Low vibration and low wear due to special gearbox with two hardened steel gears
  • Low-speed Vario drive motor with carbon brushes for up to 10 times longer service life

SP 11V 

  • Saw bar can be swivelled from 0 ° to + 45 ° to allow angled saw cuts

The metal band saw (frequency converter) complies with the standard DIN EN 55011: Class C2

Dimensions and weights
Max Width/Depth (product) approx. 670mm
Max Height (product) approx. 630mm
Length (product) approx. 650mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 290mm
Height (product) approx. 450mm
Net weight approx. 19kg
Electrical Data
Drive motor output 0.85kW
Supply voltage 230V
Mains frequency 50Hz
Machine data
Saw band speed(s) 30-80 m/min
Saw band length 1335mm
Saw band width 13mm
Saw band thickness 0.65mm
Cutting angle 0-45°
Feed infinitely adjustable
Lifting the saw bow manually
Cutting ranges
Clamping range 0° round (full material) 105mm
Clamping range 0° quadratic (full material) 100mm
Clamping range 0° rectangle horizontal (full material) 100 x 100mm
Clamping range +45° round (full material) 65mm
Clamping range +45° quadratic (full material) 60mm
Clamping range +45° rectangle horizontal (full material) 60x65mm

  •  Bi-metal saw band
  •  material stop
€795,00 incl. Vat
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