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RBM 610-8


  • Manual, asymmetric 3-roll bending machines
  • Rolls of steel
  • swing-out top roller for easier removal of the workpiece
  • asymmetric roller arrangement for easy pre-bending
  • tiltable side roller for conical bending
  • Clamping and side roller with wire insert groove
  • Roller drive via hand crank and gearbox
  • particularly handy and therefore suitable for work in confined spaces
  • due to the low wave strength optimally suitable for filigree applications
  • 3-roll bending machine for the production of all round-shaped parts such as pipes, cylinders, etc.
  • simple and solid construction

Room amenities:

  • Lubrication possible via grease nipple (RBM 305)
  • the upper roller is adjustable, thus easy removal of the finished workpiece
  • rear roller individually adjustable, thereby also conical work possible
  • Settings based on comfortable large-sized roller set screws

Technical Specifications

roll length 610 mm
Sheet thickness max. 0.80 mm
Roll ø 38 mm
Bending-ø min. 60 mm
mass 37 kg
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 885 x 220 x 340 mm
Longitudinal grooves in diameter 14 kg