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30 Tonne Hydraulic Press - WPP 30


  • Proudly made in Italy
  • Hydraulic workshop presses with moving cylinder and hand pump
  • for all repair and assembly work, eg: alignment of axles, beams, shafts, etc .; Pressing and pressing bearings, bolts, and bushings; Pressing and squeezing work; Load tests and welding sample tests; and much more.
  • stable welded construction
  • robust frame with perforation for the adjustment of the press table
  • reliable, very precise hydraulic from European production
  • with chrome-plated cylinder pistons
  • Pressing pressure readable via a manometer
  • with an automatic return of the piston with a safety valve to protect
    against overload
  • For processing flat material, pressing in bearings, bolts, and the like, it is essential to use the optional perforated plates
  • Quality Made in Europe

Technical Specifications

Power 30 t
mass 230 kg
A – height 1980 mm
B – width without pump 890 mm
C – depth 600 mm
D – internal passage width 710 mm
E – deep perforated frame 150 mm
F – height passage min. 115 mm
F – height passage max. 1000 mm
G – piston stroke 160 mm
H – width with pump 1150 mm


  •  2-piece prism set for inserting round material
  •  Winch for raising and lowering the table