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OPTIsaw S 300DG (230v)

Description – OPTIsaw S 300DG (230v)

  • Band saw for metalworking with double mitre saw bow
  • Low-noise running
  • Heavy casting type
  • High cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running
  • Ball bearing mounted saw band guiding providing outstanding band run and thus optimum cutting results
  • Chip brush
  • Micro switch for automatic limit stop
  • Material stop with scaling
  • CE conformity of the electric system
  • Handle Trigger “Manual saw band running” on the hand lever switches the saw band on and off
  • With high-grade bimetallic saw band supplied as standard
  • Limit stops exactly adjustable within an accuracy of a degree
  • EMC filter (electromagnetic compatibility)

Roller support
· To support long materials

Quick-action vice

  • Adjustable via handwheel
  • High tensioning force by quick action lever

Clamping lever saw bow

  • Saw cuts in the range from 45° up to 60° are infinitely variable

Machine substructure

  • Stable

Pressure gauge

  • Simple and correct control of the saw band tension

Coolant pump

  • Powerful 100 W